Visiting Oxford: Interdisciplinary Conservation Network (ICN) Workshop 2018

Recently several member of my research group, the Conservation Science Lab, were lucky enough to travel to Oxford for a workshop! My fellow lab mate, Simone Stevenson, wrote about our trip. Here’s a snippet of her fantastic article!


The Interdisciplinary Conservation Network (ICN) is a collaboration between research groups to hold workshops for PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs).  This year, the Deakin Conservation Science Lab joined Oxford’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS) and Sterling Conservation Science as an ICN organising partner.  Lab members Kate Watermeyer and Jess Rowland participated on the organising committee, Emily Nicholson as a mentor and Simone Stevenson as a participant.

The workshop kick-starts a collaborative research exercise which ideally concludes in a publication authored by the participants.  For many attendees, this is their first experience in developing research ideas in a workshop format.  Over the course of two days, we worked in groups to develop a paper concept and plan, supported by senior academic mentors.  The result was a unique combination of hands-on learning and real outcomes, both in terms of publication but also in building ongoing networks with peers.

Members of the Conservation Science Lab at the workshop (l to r): Emily Nicholson, me, Kate Watermeyer, Simone Stevenson.

Check out our research lab website [here] for the full article!

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